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The TraumaPAK ELITE Collection
grey cross black background, see through
We are excited to bring you our TraumaPAK ELITE Collection. Designed from the ground up around the TECC guidelines and the needs of extreme athletes, courageous civilian warriors, elite first responders and military. Made by the "brave for the brave", We spent over 2 years developing this collection. Inspired by tactical medics, first responders and those with a need to carry an IFAK.  This collection features our highest end kits made with top of the line materials and a life time warranty on the bags.
When you purchase our TraumaPAKs, you support First Responders and Veterans! 
"We give back a portion from all our sales profit to LE, Fire, EMS, Military charities as well as other First Responders and their families that may be in need."
Ofer Lichtman, Founder High Threat Innovations


We are passionate about our mission and truly believe in our TraumaPAKs.  We pledge to you that if you ever have to use your TraumaPAK to help save a life, we will replace all the life saving components you used for free!*

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