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Who we are:

High Threat Innovations is a small business owned and operated by your First Responders with backgrounds in EMS, Fire Service, Law Enforcement, Military and the intelligence community.

We are extremely passionate about training and educating our fellow First Responders and communities in operational medicine (TECC, Stop The Bleed type programs) and Active Shooter Survival. 

We provide cutting edge and practical training for First Responders so they can be the best that our communities deserve. 

We empower and educate everyday citizen heroes to be able to react to and survive active shooter and hostile events.


We love great gear and will provide the highest quality, most practical and efficient TraumaPAKs for your agency, business, school and personal use.
We only recommend gear and equipment that we ourselves would use on our own families!

We believe that citizens are the most important link in the chain of survival in these events and that is why we are relentless in our passion to educate and equip the everyday citizen heroes every chance we get.

When you take a class from us or purchase our TraumaPAKs, you support First Responders and veterans! 
"We give back a portion from all our profit to LE, Fire, EMS and Military charities as well as other First Responders and their families that are in need."

We hope you enjoy our site, "Let's save lives together!"

Sincerely, your "High Threat Innovations Team"

Hi, my name is Ofer Lichtman and I'm the founder of High Threat Innovations. I grew up in Israel and started as a volunteer in Israels EMS service at the age of 14.  I have been in public safety for 24 years and I currently have the honor of serving as a First Responder in Southern California.  One thing that I have learned starting back as a young EMS volunteer is that we are surrounded by good human beings that when given the opportunity will rise to the occasion of helping their fellow man kind by doing extraordinary things.  These are true heroes, but how unfortunate would it be that when these heroes are called upon, they would find themselves unprepared.  We all have a calling, I believe mine is to help inspire change by preparing both my peers and community to be victorious and survivors in the face of our enemies and on our worst days.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

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