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Empty Mini TraumaPAK ELITE

***Ships worlwide***

The Mini TraumaPAK was inspired by our Micro 2.0 to become the smallest complete TraumaPAK we have ever made. It is a full 1" wider then the Micro 2.0 and is an innovative pouch within a pouch that is connected to the actual red tab that is used to open it up! The slightly wider size allows you to have a few more items then the Micro 2.0 to include both a full size pressure bandage and myler blanket in addition to all the other items already found in the Micro 2.0. If you need one item from the kit you simply open the tab and pull out what you need. If your under stress and need all the contents from the kit you simply keep pulling the same red tab and the entire kit comes out (this allows you to mount the kit anywhere on your gear as long as you can reach the red tab). We also added a specific spot on the outside of the kit to securly mount any windless tourniquet. We have also included a dedicated Trauma shears pouch with a velcro closure flap that will hold the shears in place even if upside down and vigorously shaken. The Mini TraumaPAK is extremly durable and made with 1000 Danier Cordura Fabric, it's extremly resistant to stains and abrasions, It can be mounted in Three ways, belt mounted up to 2", molle system or around an object (such as a sideways belt) with the included velcro webbing straps. This is our top of the line, most functional, thought out and made by “first responders, for first responders” Mini TraumaPAK ELITE. Our PAKs contain only the highest quality equipment used by our military and first responders in America. We will never place anything in our PAKs that we as first responders wouldn't use on our own family.


The TraumaPAK ELITE Collection was designed from the ground up around the TECC guidlines and made by the “brave, for the brave” TraumaPAK. We spent over 2 years developing and perfecting this Traumapak collection. Inspired by Tactical Medics, First Responders and those with a need to carry an IFAK.


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Empty Mini TraumaPAK ELITE

  • 7"H x 5"W x 2.5"D with tourniquet on the side

    6"H x 3"W x 2.5"D without tourniquet on the side





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