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Leg Rig TraumaPAK Panel

Now Available!!!

***Ships Worlwide***

You asked for it...and we listened!

The Leg Rig TraumaPAK Panel allows you to connect any of our rip away TraumaPAKs (such as the TraumaPAK Elite and Ranger TraumaPAK) to a leg rig mounted velcro platform.  It  includes a retention strap keeping your TraumaPAK in place,  rides higher on your leg then our Bradley and Defender Platforms and doesnt include any ammo pouches but simply an innovative way to move your TraumaPAK to ride on your thigh.  The platform will connect to your belt using either the included 2" Buckle system or the ZAK tool key ring option (both included).  The panel has a padded non slip backing material, 2 pen / chemlight holders and a 2" thigh strap with the non slip, eaasy grip webbing.


This is a perfect option for first responders, medical support staff and  those looking to carry their medical kit on their thigh and do not need to have ammo behind their traumaPAK.


Available in Black, Ranger Green and Coyote Tan.

Leg Rig TraumaPAK Panel

  • 7.5"H x 5"W 




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