Wall Mounted TraumaPAK With Case

*This item only ships in the USA, for internationl orders please choose from our VOG collection.

Our wall mounted TraumaPAKs are in a very high visible case that is dustproof and waterproof. They are designed to treat multiple critical casualties at a time. They are the most practical, high quality cost effective wall mounted kits for businesses, schools, houses of worship and medical clinics. All the items in the kit are hand picked by our own Paramedics and are the same ones used by our military and first responders in America. This kit can treat all preventable causes of death injuries from trauma for up to 4-6 critical patients. The wall mounted PAKs are fully customizable to meet any budget or policy needs of our customers. Call or email us for special request.

Whats Inside:

Wall mount with high visibilty Bleeding Control Sticker
Molle style rip away bag
2 CAT Tourniquets, SAM-XT or SOF-TW
4 Vented Chest Seals
2 Pressure Dressings
2 pairs of medical Gloves
2 Hypothermia Blankets
Mini Duct Tape
Trauma Shears
2 QuikClot Gauze
1 High Threat Action Card

1 Black sharpie


Wall Mounted TraumaPAK With Case

  •         External: H 10 in. x W 10 in. x D 5.25 in.

            Internal: H 8.4 in. x W 6.4 in. x D 4.5 in.

            Weight: 2.39 lb

grey cross black background, see through