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VOG Extreme TraumaPAK

*Now available, ships within 3 days*

*This item ships worldwide, Customer is responsible for duties and customs if any*

In partnership with VOG ( Virtus Outdoor Group) we bring you the custom made VOG Extreme TraumaPAK. Made by the “brave, for the brave” TraumaPAK. This kit contains the highest quality items that we chose specificaly for our international customers and end users. If you are looking for the overall most versatile VOG TraumaPAK, are more comfortable with both advanced and prolonged care and the VOG Advanced TraumaPAK is just not enough for you, then this is your PAK!

The VOG Extreme TraumaPAK has everything the VOG Advanced TraumaPAK version has, but comes in a LARGER PAK (see pictures) and includes extra items for non life threatening injuries.  This is the ideal PAK for major trauma and the outdoor enthusiast. It is also Perfect to keep in your home or your vehicle.


This TraumaPAK qualifies for the Save A Life Pledge!


The Vog Extreme TraumaPAK includes all the following items:
1 Molle style rip away bag with your choice of patch
1 Carabiner
1 SAM-XT Tourniquet
2 SAM Chest Seals
1 Israeli emergency Bandage
1 Compressed gauze 4.5" by 4 yards
2 Pairs of medical Gloves
1 Hypothermia Blanket
1 Mini Duct Tape
1 Trauma Shears (military grade)
1 QuikClot Gauze
1 Sam Splint 36"
1 Triangle bandage
5 Alcohol preps

2 Packages of Steri Strip Skin Closure 1/4" X 3" X 3 per pack

5 Bandaids

5 Sting relief packets

5 Burn Cream packets

5 Triple antibiotic ointmant

3 Doses of Benadryl

5 Doses of Motrin

5 Doses of Tylenol
1 High Threat Action Card

1 Black Sharpie

1 TraumaPAK patch of yur choice
Enough extra room to add more items of your choice

VOG Extreme TraumaPAK

  •   8" H x 6" W x 3.5" D
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