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The Emergency Elastic Wrap

The Emergency Elastic Wrap provides a multifunctional solution to treat a wide range of injuries in a very small package. In addition to treating conventional sprains and strains as a compression bandage and securing a splint around an extremity, the wrap can be used as a simple solution to cover and increase pressure around a wound that has been packed. Additionally, when improvising the closure bar to function as a windless device the wrap "may" be used as an improvised tourniquet.

This all-in-one Elastic Wrap reduces the amount of equipment military, first responders and civilians may need to carry in their TraumaPAKs.


A few options to choose from, ranging from individual Elastic Wrap to "Combo Paks" containing both the Elastic Wrap and your choice of wound packing gauze.


Options are:

-Individual Emergency Elastic Wrap

-Emergency Elastic Wrap with regular 12 feet packing Gauze

-Emergency Elastic Wrap with 4 foot rolled QuikClot

-Emergency Elastic Wrap with 12 foot LE QuikClot

The Emergency Elastic Wrap


    • Multifunctional bandage for various injuries and wounds
    • Compact, lightweight, waterproof, and vacuum sealed packaging
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