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Trauma / TECC courses *For large groups

*Book here for large group training*

Our Medical TECC courses (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) are designed for either Civilians or first responders with a duty to act. They are offered at different levels and time lengths ranging from 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours and 16 hour courses. This is a robust combination of hands on training and lecture with scenarios to include trauma care for all preventable death injuries due to trauma. These sections include Bleeding control (pressure dressings, tourniquets and wound packing). Airway managment. Respiratory treatments for penetrating torso trauma. Hypothermia treatment and victim evacuation strategies. We believe in repetition done correctly, because of this we insure that we have ample training supplies and instructor student ratios in our course. Each student will have numerous opportunities to practice all the skills taught in this course. Minimum 15 students per course.

Trauma / TECC courses *For large groups

  • Price is per person.

    We believe in quality instruction and in having a healthy instructor student ratio.  Because of this we limit our classes to a max of 50 students. For custom class sizes and prices please email or call us.

  • Transportation and lodging is not covered in the cost of the course.

    If your course requires us to travel outside of southern California then those cost will be billed to the agency requesting the training. For international travel there will be additional fees. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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