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Israeli Emergency Bandage (T3 or First responder)

The T3 Bandage provides a multifunctional solution to treat a wide range of injuries in a compact package. In addition to treating conventional wounds, abdominal and large wounds, amputations, entrance/exit wounds and more, the bandage facilitates the cleaning, packing, covering, and compressing of single and multiple wounds.

This all-in-one bandage reduces the amount of equipment military

personnel carry and is suitable for all First Responders in Trauma kits. The bandage is easily applied by untrained personnel and makes an ideal personal field

dressing for everyone.

The T3 Bandage features a large, fully expandable and detachable sterile pad, an elasticized cloth leader, easy to use pressure and closure bars, and gauze for cleaning and packing wounds or for use as a secondary dressing.



Israeli Emergency Bandage (T3 or First responder)

  • Specifications

    • Multifunctional bandage for various wounds
    • Expandable and detachable sterile pad
    • Wrap severe wounds and amputations
    • Foldable gauze suitable forcleaning and dressing wounds
    • Compact, lightweight, waterproof, and vacuum sealed packaging
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