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Multi Casualty Warm Zone PAK

*Now available, ships within 3 days*

*This item ships worldwide, Customer is responsible for duties and customs if any*

This is the original Multi Casualty Rescue Task Force Bag that was developed over multiple years of research and built from the ground up by Tactical Medics from Southern California. It is now used by thousands of providers and has been constantly referred to as “the most practical MCI and warm zone EMS bag you can find”. It is designed around the TECC guidelines and addresses all preventable causes of death due to trauma for multiple patients. Every item is hand picked by our Tactical Medics and serves specific roles for both TECC / TCCC. It has the same quality gear that both our military and swat medics use every day. This bag doesnt include all the RTF items found in the RTF version. This is a great option for Law Enforcment or First responders that operate in a warm zone.

RETURNS AND REFUND POLICY: We believe in our products and know you will love them! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. Just pay for shipping.

Multi Casualty Warm Zone PAK

  • This Bag is made in the USA and is built from 1000 Denier Cordura.

    It also comes with Two adjustable side release buckles.

    Whats inside:

    • 3 rolls of triage tape:  Black/white, Red and yellow 
    • Trauma sheers and retractable gear keeper 
    • 4 CAT tourniquets or 4 SOFT T Wides
    • 4 SWAT-T tourniquets Black or orange  
    • 4 Large Pressure dressing (NARESCUE 6”) or 4 Olaes bandages
    • 4 Hemostatic gauze (QuikClot)
    • 4 Vented Occlusive dressings (Hyfin chest seal)  
    • 4 hyperthermia blanket
    • 1 roll of duct tape


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