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Micro Litter®️

Designed from the ground up to be a patient litter like no other. Constructed  from very durable ripstop material making it extremly lightweight, compact and versatile. The litter folds up and stores within itself as the top of the litter has a pouch built in for storage when not in use. When deployed for a casualty extraction, the pouch behind the head can be packed with items such as wrapping from your bandages for added comfort. The Micro Litter includes 8 total carry handles, 3 on each side of the litter and 1 on top and bottom. There is also a chest strap to keep the casualty secure on the litter and finally there are 2 drag handles on the top of the litter that allow you to drag your casuaty via a 1 or 2 person drag.

The Micro Litter is 72 inches tall by 20 inches wide and is rated for a 450 Ibs patient to be carried. The Micro Litter is meant to be a one time use device however depending on how it was used it will work for multiple times.

Micro Litter®️

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