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Israel Support Patch

We are proud to offer the subdued Israel Flag Patch to show support to all those fighting to protect Israel. For every patch you donate we will send a patch to both you and a soldier from Israel! This subdued Israeli flag Patch comes in 2 color options(OD green/Black and Grey/Black combos) This is a "not for profit" item for us and any funds raised by this Patch will go towards building TraumaPAKs for soldiers in Israel. Thanks for your support, lets make a difference and show how much we care!

***For our international customers outside the USA who would like these patches and to show your support. Please bear with us as we have set shipping cost for orders outside the USA, if you are ordering just a handfull of patches then we will refund your shipping cost the difference of what it costs us to ship to you. Our shipping cost are pre set for shipping much larger and heavier TraumaPAKs so the price doesn't make sence when applied to a $10 patch. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Israel Support Patch

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