Advanced MEDIC TraumaPAK (IFAK)

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This is the most functional, thought out and made by “first responders, for first responders” TraumaPAK.  This is NOT a basic stop the bleed kit.
The Advanced MEDIC TraumaPAK was designed from the ground up around the TECC / TCCC guidelines and is specific to those providers with advanced training. It is the perfect option to keep in your car, gear bag, or on your vest. It is the ultimate “IFAK” and equipped to the MAX with everything you will need to treat all preventable causes of death injuries due to trauma for up to 2 critical patients.

Our PAKs contain only the highest quality equipment used by our military and first responders in America. We will never place anything in our PAKs that we as first responders wouldn't use on our own family.


The Advanced MEDIC TraumaPAK quilifies for the Save A Life Pledge!


Advanced Medic TraumaPAK:
Molle style rip away bag with your choice of patch
2 exterior accessory mounts for your PAK
1 Carabiner
1 Tourniquet (SAM-XT, CAT or SOF-TW)
2 Vented Chest Seals
1 SWAT-T (orange)
1 Pressure Dressing
2 Pair of medical Gloves
1 Hypothermia Blanket
1 Mini Duct Tape
1 Trauma Shears (military grade)
1 QuikClot Gauze

1 3.25" x 14g Needle Thoracostmy Kit

1 28 French NPA (Nasopharyngeal Airway) with lubricant
1 High Threat Action Card

1 Black Sharpie


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Advanced MEDIC TraumaPAK (IFAK)

  • 6.5"H x 4"W x 2"Dx 




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